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Letter 2

Dear Miss,

I hadn't intended on a second letter,

But I’m sad to say my situation isn’t any better,

The school works not easy but the laughter is harder

’Cause every day I’m swept away in constant drama

Last week, you met my Dad at parents evening

He asked how my work was and if I was achieving

You said,I was doing ok but I’m a little quiet

It’s funny ‘cause inside my head rages a riot

If you knew me better, you’d have probably said

I’ve got love in my heart and brains in my head

My dad would have liked that, he’d have been so proud

But instead I’m just keeping

My head down My head down I’ve got love in my heart and brains in my head And I’m raging a riot with my head down

I’ve got something on my mind and I’ve got to confess

'Cause I now know your postcode, I’ve got your address

I needed a way to cope with my stress

So I followed you home, and I watched you undress

I didn’t mean any harm, just to know about your life

Do you have any kids, why are you not a wife?

With this headache of reality, I need to be distracted

This is how I justify the way that I acted

I can’t believe you’re renting out a ground floor flat

Come on, Miss, you deserve better than that

It’s embarrassing the school don’t pay you enough,

Stand your ground and tell ‘em you don’t work just for love

Please write back to me, miss, It isn’t breaking the law

Just leave your letter by the bins outside your front door

I’ll come and pick it up,

Sending all of my love,

Your friend.


Head down

Head down

Love in my heart and brains in my head

Head down


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