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Fiver's Destiny - Part 3

Now what do we have here? Our FIVER has been left

He’s got a long weekend ahead of him, sitting on that desk

All abandoned and alone, he somehow needed saving

Enter, please our white knight, ‘Lisa’ – the cleaning lady

Lisa took it home and gave it to her son

Who bet his mate he could rip it in half and of course the other guy won

So it changed hands once again, because of a stupid game

Then it was used to buy some football cards, ‘I got a shiny Harry Kane’

He was getting used to life, in the till of the corner shop

With contactless being all the rage, he was left there to rot

‘Til a quirky woman broke him out and it didn’t take her long

To fold the FIVER into the shape of an origami swan

She gave it as a donation, in the collection for the priest

Who ordered himself a takeaway, a delicious Indian feast

The delivery girl got paid in cash for working extra hours

On the way to her mum’s for a birthday meal, she bought her some flowers

Oh the places it has been

Oh the things that FIVER’s seen

From the classroom desk to the cleaners pocket

Being tugged around in a playground bet

From the origami folds to the pews of a church

From the tandoori pockets to the fresh smell of green

That’s the FIVER’s destiny

Let me introduce you to ‘Alan’, you haven’t met him yet

It’s a big big day for ‘Alan’, one he won’t soon forget

He buys his love some flowers, you know how this bit goes

And heads down to the park, where he’s planning to pro-


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