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Fiver's Destiny - Part 2

Welcome back, my friends, it seems (most of) you have returned

The loss of our title character, must have left you all concerned

While it was not a good day for our old friend, his time’s not over yet

These resilient little buggers, can cope with getting wet

Now, some time has passed, while you got you wine and beers,

Our FIVER’s been in the sewers for nearly 15 years

He’s been floating around the ocean, oh the stories he could tell

But he’s back now on our radar, he's returned from the depths of hell

He washed up on the shore, of an English coastal town,

All covered up in seaweed, a rustic green and brown,

Then one day he was discovered, by a treasure hunting lad

Who went up to an ice cream van, and bought himself a Fab

For a week he stayed in the ice cream van, waiting for his time to come

The clouds were keeping the crowds away, so he waited for the sun

He sat back and enjoyed the ride, he was travelling in style

Listening to the jingle that made the children smile

Oh the places it has been

Oh the things that fiver’s seen

From the depths of the sewers to the deep blue sea

From the sandy shores to the ice cream van

Staying in the cool while the tourists tan

That’s a fiver’s destiny

A mum came by and rescued him, when she’d been for a run by the beach

After burning all the calories, she had earned herself a treat

She left in such a hurry, and it fell from her pocket to the ground

Where it laid for just a moment, waiting to be found

Look who picked it up, this familiar chap

Just by chance fortune has landed in his lap

15 years have aged him, his boy’s almost a man

And his wife well she has since passed on, but he does the best he can


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