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Every Year

Every year the same reaction

A familiar smile on an ageing face

I shake your hand we share a moment

A tired joke but a warm embrace

Every year the same reminder,

That when we say that we’ve come so far,

We mean the past is behind us

And this gesture is all that we are,

The value of the gesture

Is right there in this card

The words remain the same

Although we drift apart

Exchange a token snapshot from our past

With a moment that will surely never last

We’re locked in, we go in circles,

Repeating rituals in an endless game,

We’re trapped attached to repetition,

It’s simpler remaining the same,

But when I look, when I remember,

When I consider letting go,

I still enjoy the memories,

Sharing something that only we know,

The value of the gesture

Is right there in this card

The words remains the same

Although we drifted apart

Exchanges that are snapshots of our past

These moments that we know will never last

What would I give now

For a chance to make a gesture and make it count

And would I know how

To tell you how I feel

I think I know now

How this thing brought us together

And that those moments last forever,

And why they make this real

Every year the same reaction

My smile wavered on my ageing face

I’d shake your hand we’d share a moment

What I’d give now for that warm embrace

See ya next year


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